Review & Renew

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Review & Renew

I saw a Mocking Bird upon starting my day.
He stood firmly guarded, his tail straight up
Precocious and powerful to his own way.
I smiled that such a little thing show such a prominent display.
I turned the corner as I drove away, but his stance in my mind wouldn’t fade.
So, I opened my mind; what am I missing, have I turned a blind eye again?
I had in my bag a gift I hadn’t yet used, something valuable to trends and foods.
I’ve kept it for a special day to use, maybe a celebration, party or visitors to amuse.
In my bag now to give away to a special cause (a fundraiser) for a teacher
whom currently gives Academic aid to my son.
I was resistant after all to give it away, this was a gift given to me, how rude (even if it’s their trade).
I walked thru her garden gate filled with green beetle bugs, she whisked them away from my hair
they surrounded her yard and circled my shoulders and I told her “not to worry I like them
they represent love and the sacred heart; we could never have enough!”
I presented her the certificate sheepishly “It was given to me and well I feel bad about that, but I think it would do really well at enticing donors it’s hard to resist and popular at that.”
Her smile grew wide and the choice I made now felt divine.
I drove away and knew some gifts given to us; are made to be given away.

-Erica Sussette

Yes, the bird was back! I looked backward at my week and all the things that transpired and I overlooked the gifts exchanged between friends and even to my family far away; people were sharing their gifts. Some lent out their talents, advice, material possessions and some offered care for pets while others were at play. PEOPLE are sharing! I needed to see and feel that!  Summer is slower and sexier isn’t it, you get to suspend the busyness of necessities and notice what’s missing/in need, or deserving because you find yourself engaged more in playing or the urge to.

What makes you happy? … is not a good question to ask in the summer
You’ll find media lifestyles informing you what is luxuriously acceptable if you’re toned and airbrushed, and it pushes the majority of people out and into lack (revisit that question in Winter when you cozy up to fireplaces and comfort foods).

SO let us ask

Said the innocent symbol of the Mocking Bird- whos joy is to sing all day it’s up to YOU! 


We each experienced simple things that can turn us from the mundane to a smile or squeak of joy! I had a lot of parties this week and more invitations on the way, and that’s a great feeling to know people seek you out. Sometimes we don’t spend enough time with others because we feel incapable of making someone excited to say yes! Or perhaps we feel it must be a grandiose invitation. “Nah, they’ll probably find it boring.” So we ignore our desires, friends, family or lovers who might just be touched by your attention. We are all still really busy but I’ve noticed attending these invitations brought me energy, it feels good to participate instead of hesitating.

I found my starfish necklace this week! I misplaced since moving during a “bullet fast” time in March with no time for concrete thoughts you had to go with your gut and push forward fiercely confident even when you felt you could really mess things up.  I misplaced a lot of trinkets dear to me and that necklace was the last to surface.  I  had my moon necklace each of my siblings wears to keep our union and I was grateful I had worn that through the whole ordeal.  I realized I had bought necklaces to replace it around my neck and although it was momentarily fulfilling; I wanted my starfish the one a friend gave me who would later be my bridesmaid. It knows me and seen it all! It sustains my happiness that it will continue to join me on my ventures and hug my collarbone to keep me grounded.

I revert to “what sustains your happiness” the mocking-bird pointed out to me. It’s not the necklace itself but the return of something you took for granted and knowing it’s worth!

Life can feel like a dart board game. Wanting only a bullseye hit of what you feel YOU MUST HAVE to feel good! Sometimes it’s just as good to feel a whole fist full of darts and forcibly pulling out as many as you can; starting all over again!


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