Evocation No.1

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A stroke along your center
like a lover wishing you good morning; after a long good night
You mind suspends, your heart races to beginning to end and refreshes over and over again.
Why do we love so powerful in the inside, only to hold what we fear to expose?
What have I done to neglect you from the sun?
The heat that melts the common sense, the reasons for not coming undone. . .
Seconds into this No.1 I hear my heart and pulling my hand like a dog suddenly off leash
no destination but as far and further than an owner can upkeep
There must’ve been lifetimes to confirm & connect that which circles my insides like a tree ring
my answers ingrained in what I suspect to be true and not secret
I have loved greater than a human can show
I have loved deeper than grace even knows
I have loved innocently that overlooks error and pain
I have loved like the stars that beg us to remember our light from which we came
but in the human shell it fractures so easily; so we refrain (hiding it again)
Misery loves company
and love heeds no vice
so love openly and dare to deeply care, love like a warrior; willing to die
let it open your insides
let it carry you out from this egg crate cell
love like Quintette N.1
Run into the sun, run like hell!
-Erica Sussette
from a muse of desires “Quintette N.1” by Dustin O’Halloran

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