Before we begin or give in…plan for hope!

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Okay I know I promised my next blog would be “sermonizing in Sections” a diary view of thoughts using the 7th seal/7 trumpets (and I guess there are 7 bowls too) inconjuction to the unspeakable atrocities that seem to be stripping away freedoms and protections for power, possessions, and monetary dominion!

Looking at the many conspiracies arising with COVID-19 on what’s happening, and I can easily add the unrest of karmic energies no longer waiting for our attention to expel racism among other dark energies. I haven’t written it because although I feel the connection, I haven’t done my homework (I’ll need to borrow a bible) to see if there’s a true connection to what’s transpiring or is this what’s known as a cyclic renewal?

Although I don’t practice a religion I do respect the many teachings/maps given to us in order to survive the fragile human ego weakened or engorged. A month has passed by and I did skip in sharing with you the many ways HOPE tries to encourage you when you feel overwhelmed as I had in April and we all need today in June or most appropriately the year 2020.

April 7, 2020

I hit my car and the damage was just the amount I received from my stimulus check just days prior. At the time I knew I should be grateful it was covered but I wasn’t. I was learning like the rest of the world how working hours and employment have become unsteady and fleeting (suddenly a dream job is just having a reliable steady paycheck) it’s like I had to go back to basic in humility and gratefulness (the “Our Father” prayer) “Thank you for our daily bread,” others asking “can you pour extra wine please!” I took in my car my car for repair it was only the side mirror but suddenly it was a 2-week job (parts hard to get) and I had to walk to work.

I walked to work and I thought how lucky I was to live so close to work (I didn’t see the gratitude just the convenience). It was cool and looked like rain was to come (good grief was my attitude) but it didn’t until I reached my desk (not luck/divine timing). As I walked to work It did cross my mind “well I guess I should be glad I have the money to pay for this -although I was on holiday if it wasn’t for COVID and teachers needing me I’d be safe at home (ugh keyword “job security” selfish girl). I felt the negativity taking me away from peace. and as I approach the nature preserve that has given me peace and answers before I ask for guidance.

“God, I know I’m acting like a jerk, it’s not easy here we’re unsure on this planet and so many of my friends are sharing conspiracies and it sways me to view a certain hopeless perspective and I can’t disagree it does seem logical, but I feel the danger in skewing to a one-way view- HELP! Will I be okay? This stupid car accident was so easy to avoid I felt the warning “pause” on my way to work but forgot when I left being so tired and hungry (damn) and is my family okay? Please don’t take my mom please! Will my job be reduced?

The pleading vomit continued until I saw the open meadow and I stopped and said “Will you please show me a white heron or egret as you used to when I was scared? I waited for a few minutes “ah it’s okay I know you’re here.”

The recording of “hope pre-planned by the Universe” read what John 111 is:

For some reason, it won’t let me post the video of the heron showing up for me on this website perhaps having too much media on a page I will try to post on another blog.

Before you give-up or give-in Plan for hope; it will answer you!

I have seen terrible premonitions of what we are experiencing right now in our fight against racism back in 2016 before the elections. I was so frightened of the images and lack of humanity that it scared me more than any of the natural disasters I’ve seen would come. it’s important for us to Unite because we only need 1% to awaken to compassion leaving behind our drives for superficial supremacy over love. It’s got to turn over and that’s what the world is looking at us to overcome (maybe even the cosmos) will we heal our karmic past? We will succeed in destroying ourselves as other countries have planted that hope that USA will eat it’s own tail as the empires before us OR will we grow an unconditional heart and claim the title “land of the free and home of the brave.” It’s time for the people to claim their divine rights.

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    • Erica Sussette

      Thank you so much for taking you time to support me!

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    • Erica Sussette

      This is wonderful I hope your community is thriving and would love to learn more!


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