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I believe we all have this innate knowledge we’ve collected that selectively “pops” into your mind like ideas, stories, conversations, and books read and learned or experienced that culminates along the way becoming compassionate reasonings from the heart, tugging at the corners of our shirt to acknowledge the truth or to seek further. So let us review my shirt tugging moments of March.

March 13, 2020

I dream of seeing huge numbers 333 or 330 and the reason I’m not sure is due to being in REM but I know its huge because all that I can see are these numbers dressed in black and white like graffiti so I force myself to wake and look at the time it’s 3:33 am

-taken from previous blog: THE ALCHEM-IN-THE MIDST PART 2

So nothing major happened on 3/30 that I can think of… which points me to Divine Intervention. I noted it was like graffiti but I should’ve described it as artistic pen and ink drawing like this gorgeous art piece by Christa (on my wish list). I’m going to explain in my next blog “Sermonizing in Sections” the little bits of “confetti clues” falling on my awareness making me “lookup” to Divine Intervention for all this sickness, and although NO ONE has answers as to WHY! it adds to my surmising and why it’s easier for me to cut the conspiracy theories at least for me personally.

Was this the ‘Red’ I was seeing?

I feel I should add my dream on 2/22 noted in the same previous blog of feeling “I was downloaded” and all I can is see is red behind my heavy eyelids. I’m thinking why not see white light, blue or purple? It was red and my “dead dog” came to comfort me and he wined (I wondered why) I have to note I’ve been having dogs in dreams as symbolic for help and protection and I didn’t blog about “why” I needed those doggies (confidential) but I did!

March 10, 2020

The final class for my college daughter at UCI since hearing they will be closing the campus in higher education colleges across California and I insist on picking her up (you know they want to stretch the last moments of freedom hazardly). As I approach to park my daughter screeches with glee “a possum yay it’s so close!” She bolts out of the car to take this picture and it’s scared of her enthusiasm that I don’t share!

“Wow, that’s something you don’t see every day,” I tell my daughter so is the message “play dead, don’t move?” I’ll have to look it up! Of course, we are just beginning to process how COVID-19 is already changing our lives and I will learn that my own job will be shutting its doors by the end of the week.

The animals didn’t stop coming and I wish I would’ve posted these events as they happened but we were all working our asses off with no breaks to get online learning readily available for all our families in 2 days (and we did).

The single crow

I arrive for work and I see a single crow on the fence he seems normal grooming not paying any mind to me and I expect him to fly away as soon as I open my car door but he doesn’t. Huh. I don’t pay much attention to it but as I head towards my building I see a bough on a tree lit up by a patch of sunlight almost like a spotlight and it seems to be shining on a sprout baby branch growing from the cut off branch that was recently cut off due to its heaviness. My arms carrying lunch and commuter mug wouldn’t allow me to photograph this moment but I felt it’s ‘tug.’ I understood the significance and I see a colleague and point and share my thoughts “we’re all going to be in the spotlight of change, things will be different.” Later walking on the campus I have a single crow fly across my path and I’m impressed and honored because I was looking down and he made sure I almost walk into him and I say hello as he lands on the fence 3ft away. I stop “okay, that’s not normal and I admire its beautiful plumes he doesn’t seem to mind my admiration. I walk off and note the ‘crow” personal meaning for me.

You can find my blogs on Crows but its usually when there are three of them and they do signify death but for me personally they’ve given me insight on pet deaths in the past, not humans. Crows can see past the veil and why they are so righteous they know a hella lot and they don’t care to share usually. “What are you telling me?’ Death comes to mind -does one crow equal humans? I don’t want to think about it because deep inside I’m ready to start the changes we need on the planet but nobody wants to feel or hear mourning or losses of loved ones. A lone crow is found on the fence hours later by my car when I take refuge for silence at lunch I smile “okay mister,” I won’t forget your visit,” and I feel comfort in him near he stays even as the raindrops start to fall.

Two Coyotes

It’s the last day of school with students and parents milling around and as I pull into the back driveway I see neighbors just standing like they’re witnessing a movie set not moving I turn my attention to their direction. A lone coyote is standing 8ft away brazen to the shock of onlooker owners with little lap dogs just in reach. I’m thinking “Idiots! move your hotdog vendor carts go home- these guys are hungry!” I park my car and collecting all the homework I took home to carry back in the office, I notice there are actually two coyotes and they’re headed in my direction. They are really beautiful I want to touch them or call them over but instead, I say out loud “tricksters.” I wonder what mayhem we will be experiencing and that’s soon answered in everyone’s visit to the grocery store!

Legend has it Navajo never kill Coyote because of their belief that it accompanied the first man and woman into the entrance of the first physical world.

Also, in the same myth, the Coyote brought with it seeds of life so as to sew new growth upon the new world. This legend depicts the Coyote as a bringer of life and a new birth symbol.

Shoshoni believed the Coyote as an indication of an ending. The sighting of the Coyote was said to bring natural shifts in balance, causing an end (which, of course, simply makes way for new beginnings, and so on). Essentially, the Coyote is like a “way-maker” of new direction as it went about its symbolic role of representing the cycle of life/death in nature.

I didn’t even note all the hawk screeching which tells me “big news coming” for days.

It’s clear all these animals bring a tightening of my belt and clear guidance to open my mind and heart to tune into the frequency of how I can manage and survive. It’s like Snow white, the animals know what’s up!

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    The very next time I read a blog, Hopefully it doesn’t fail me as much as this particular one. I mean, Yes, it was my choice to read through, however I really thought you would probably have something useful to talk about. All I hear is a bunch of moaning about something you could fix if you weren’t too busy looking for attention. Grace Geoffry Orme

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