The Alchem-in-the Midst Part 2

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I wish I knew who Sue was, so I can thank her for posting it the day before!


Presidents’ Day: I had to get out into nature somewhere and I called my longtime friend Lisa and mother of my daughter’s best friends. Our plans were made quickly and easily a theme we would continue. We start off catching up and I share my weird Alchemist experiences and then she asks us to pick a medicine card. She pulled the coyote (trickster energy) and we all joke about not asking her to lead the hike although she’s driving!


I pull out the “wolf” and my friend exclaims “the Teacher Card!”


She jokes about following my lead today and apparently she meant it (we’ll get to that part) and we are getting lost in the magic of the trees filling the hills and mountainside no cares in the world laughing and sharing stories about what we’d like to encounter today: “creek bed, pink sundown, hot mineral bath, and frogs singing.” On frog, to which my daughters’ friend wished for I tell them how “last summer I think I asked to see a frog and it leaped into my dad’s hand (frogs are hidden in my parent’s yard) and I shared a dream I had oddly enough when we stayed at your mother’s house “Lisa do you remember?” She tilts her head “kinda.”

“I dreamt of a frog with tons of eggs in its mouth and then I saw it’s eggs everywhere.” This was on a magical trip to Sequoia and we had adventures there too. Her daughter remarks on how there is a frog from Australia that gives birth that way. Lisa’s husband asks her “where are we going?” seemingly doubting anything looking familiar to him even after she reminds him “where we last came last time with (mentions friends names I know) near the hot springs before the fire wiped it out, maybe we’ll find something near it.” He doesn’t seem to agree with her direction but we pull up next to a creek and it’s lovely. “I’ll park here where we did last time.” He stills insists it’s the wrong area but we can’t wait to feel the currents. There’s no easy access we walk along the road she tells me “Erica you lead, I’m following you teacher” (teacher is a word I don’t feel cozy with and won’t accept) and I see what looks like to me like a doorway and why the Sheela-na-gig entered my mind is odd; but is it? The Sheela-na-gig is known for fertility and for sacredness the only thing the Norse Viking wouldn’t dare invade they say. I point to the dry twigs making the ‘doorway’ and head towards it “through here!” it had a path but it was soon in swampy reeds and not everyone dressed for hiking so we headed back. We found a narrow passage near the wire fencing post and found ourselves in the creek minutes later.

The creek’s temperature was delicious! Lisa and I went to meditate on the rocks and I was intoxicated with nature’s perfection in its delicate breeze and colorful presentation. Lisa and I spoke about our dreams and while laughing we were astonished to hear the frogs join in. Since when do frogs sing when you are right next to them usually they go silent but not today as it seemed our laughter was attracting them! After about an hour the girls exclaim “pool!” Lisa and I look at each other mouthing the word “pool?” and we shout across the creek “Did you say pool?” They nod excitedly so we go to explore what they’re talking about.

“We found a mineral pool!” said the trio kicking their legs in the pool with big smiles. It was hidden in the tall grasses we walked right past it earlier. Lisa wants to get in and I’m hesitant “Come on Erica let’s get in, you’ll love it’s healing properties.” My realistic brain whispers “you forgot a towel and a change of clothes you’ll be sitting at a cafe later with a wet outline of your bathing suit seeping through your clothes.” I shake my head no “I don’t want to smell like sulfur and it’s so black what’s really in there!”

Lisa begs me “Oh come on Erica what are the chances of finding something you wanted to find with no one around just a peaceful gorgeous view, take a leap and jump in!” I knew she was right the Alchemist theme of surprises awaiting surrounding me “okay.” She ran to get her suit and we all noticed this frog perfectly perched freeze-dried in a yoga ‘cobra’ position he looked peaceful and so cute but didn’t look dried out we wondered if he jumped out of the mineral bath and overheated and I hoped I would look just as good coming out too!


It felt soo good it was hard to get out but we were all starving. Lisa in the lead walks towards the car but I had a feeling and warned her “Lisa pay very close to the sounds of snakes.” As soon as I finished my sentence we hear the loudest rattlesnake warning “she screams while running back in my direction “okay teacher you lead!” We nervously laugh and I find the “doorway again” and wouldn’t you know it, it was as a short distance from the mineral bath.


We hit the town for dining and shopping and Lisa finds me eyeing a crystal and surprises us with gifting each person a crystal and of course she gave me the one that attracted me! I would later learn why this stone appealed to me. In essence, it was what I needed time with people I adore and who adore me in splendor. The next day I felt that wonderful laziness a Taurean can have (we work hard then let our hair down with no guilt) and I’m seriously happy watching Youtube when I turned off the tv and dozed off only to be disturbed by the Television coming on to play Wayne Dyer (he keeps popping up) it’s about



“Attitude is everything so pick a good one!”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

I’m struck reading that title today in light of COVID-19 I’m completely calm, serene and mentally/intuively/soulfully prepared.


Now I know I turned off that tv! In light of the Alchemist awareness, I follow the bait and look for that movie he mentions and I find this scene of Vanessa speaking to a woman going through crazy synchronicities (close to what I mentioned in part 1) but beside someone uploading just days before the words, Vanessa says in this clip about “the water” I found remarkably eerie to my conversation with Lisa the day before.


I find the full movie on Amazon and watch and it doesn’t move me to pieces I kinda live in that world of auspiciousness from time to time but it was shown for a purpose just like the ruby kyanite, and all the alchemist mentions to get me to open my heart and awareness.


The next weekend I have this “DOWNLOAD” moment:


2/22 I’m asleep (or astral) I can feel my eyelids flutter furiously and I can hear whooshing in my head and I don’t like it “Who’s downloading in me!” Nervous, it could be some enitity but I understand it’s okay and although I try to settle down I try to open my eyes and can’t, I can only see red light. Now like I said ‘astrally’ I can see my dog come into the room and go under my covers and I think “who opened my door?” and just as I’m thinking that I hear my dog whimper and I pat his belly he seemes happy and instantly I think “Wait you’ve been dead for 10 years!” I still can’t wake up and fall deeper asleep.


Just a dream you might think except remember I’m seeing crazy syncs and just so you know on 3/13 I dream of seeing huge numbers 333 or 330 and the reason I’m not sure is due to being in REM but I know its huge because all that I can see are these numbers dressed in black and white like graffiti so I force myself to wake and look at the time it’s 3:33 am so that’s why I’m confused if I saw 330 or 333 as the last number I saw is hard to recollect positively and I can be dyslexic in numbers. Let’s pray its Ascended Masters coming to help with this COVID-19 and they’re tapping us to wake up to loving considerate beings RESET just in time for Easter.



Okay getting back to the beginning of March I had a day where I felt my heart chakra explode (used to happen a lot in my early ascension days) and I acknowledge change is coming. I’m meeting a lot of people and one man I met was really nice and we had a nice conversation and noticing there was no room for him I invited him to join my friend and myself and he did but the strangest thing is that I had weird sensations as soon as he joined us but I brushed it off. I tell my friend what transpired and she laughed “well he made a beeline toward you” (I’m not convinced its that kind of attraction) but I tell her “Oh I know what it is …” and I played the Deja Vu movie for her “Doesn’t he look like the main lover?” Yes, she agreed and I thought what are you conspiring Universe?



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