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“Click your heels together three times and say ‘there’s no place like home’ and you’ll be there.”

So I woke up thinking it was funny but now I’m taking it seriously.

The Ruby Red Heels DREAM: 

I’m recollecting my past job (vaguely) and completely lost in what is the reality in concerns to my current vocation. I almost panic like the white rabbit in Alice of Wonderland (there might be a correlation between OZ and Wonderland) like I’m late to my job, I’m probably fired or did I end that job? Nothing is clear except that I must have a job to do and I’m not doing it! The panic subsides as I gain my lucid mind admist the dream to remember I wouldn’t mess around with that kind of responsibility and find myself meeting my best friend for lunch for a snapshot second, but quickly the panic sets in again “I must be late, this lunch is too leisurely for me to relax” and I stand up to leave.

When I stand I feel taller I look down and see Ruby Red heels and my vision can clearly see the detail of the deep burgundy red gemstones they looked like real gems on them. (NOTE: I always thought they were fiery red in the movie until I posted this pictured and learned due to technicolor in movies, they used this color to emphasize the red-dreams can really go the distance in ‘wow’ factor). I am now looking at myself from a distance and I’m wearing a fitting tuxedo dress (white on top black short skirt) looking more like when I was 20 something smoking hot and then I pan the room for the exit. The restaurant is filled with men (even my friend disappeared) they remind me of cats just lounging around the tables and stairways. The only way out is for me to take the stairs UP but SOME of the tables are strangely part of the staircase so I have to walk across these cigarettes and whiskey power lunches. I’m not immediately noticed as the conversations are serious but I also have shopping bags draped on each arm and heavy and there are no railings to grasp and the climb is narrow and steep I could feel the hardship in balancing in heels. I start off easily but once I place my ruby heel on the first table they stop and stare at my legs then up at me and I’m not waiting for any comments or acknowledgment, I just don’t want to be late! I start to teeter when I have to stretch around these men just taking up space on the staircase and I start to feel gravity pull me back but just then a waiter and waitress each catch hold my elbows from each side of the staircase and I nod my thanks as I focus is on my ascent to the top and I make it!

My previous week probably preempted this dream as the weather was warmer and I wore dresses I’ve never worn and received compliments although I did not feel attractive but critical of myself not hiking or getting outside like I used to a few years back after testing my blood and I’m rather pissed about it. I’m taking my health seriously but I’m not used to drag and delay I usually push onward but I’m finding my catnaps (hey wait a minute is this a clue/message) beneficial for now. Anyway, the week following was challenging and when I would feel fragile I would pull that image of myself stretching and reaching in my red heels and would “charge” myself to push forward.  I know deep in my heart the dream is just unfolding, it’s not about one theme like my blood, climbing status of vocation but what I am made of; as its symbolic with an elevated state of mind and help from servers (good people).

I’m very grateful for this dream and for receiving a ruby ring from my mom years ago (that was gifted to her when she was barely 10 from an uncle who felt she needed to see her worth and courage in trying times) and I’m wearing it when I feel the need to charge onward. I’ve had all kinds of RUBY connections today so I decided to just now look at its properties:

Ruby is a powerful stone to shield against negative energy, psychic attack, and energy vampirism, especially of the heart energy. Working with Ruby one may feel that all sense of limitation has been removed, strengthening courage, joy, leadership qualities and selfless work in all spiritual endeavors.

Okay, yeah makes sense then I clicked on it’s healing properties


The most ancient records contain information stating that Rubies were used to detoxify the blood, prevent starvation and protection from the plague.

The Ruby is still known to be used to remove toxins from the blood and the entire body. Treats fevers as well as infectious disease. It is said to be extremely beneficial for the heart and circulatory system as it increases blood flow, stimulating the adrenals, kidneys, spleen and reproductive organs.

Told to help one overcome exhaustion and lethargy replacing them with potency and vigor.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  The universe knows I love chasing the butterflies of transformation not only in dreams but in waking connections.  In hearing a friend’s exasperation of not finding someone special and giving up, did I explain I didn’t feel the same I’m hopeful it will come when the universe knows what you’re calling in and I finally saw an example of integrity and compassion in a man from a distance. I said “Although I would love it to be that one in particular, I hope for an equivalent” and I got a sign from above in the symbol of a fairy looking butterfly stuck in my car as if to say “we got your request, click your heels 3 times and bring that wish home in your heart.”

I had just used a fairy emoji that looked just like this image and it struck me as more than coincidence

I finished at 11:11 sorry for the non-editing I’m going to bed! Sweet dreams hope this makes sense I just had to document my findings.

Could the ruby slippers be Uranus in my sun sign Taurus? Uranus in Taurus

Update 5/20/18:

Okay, I have projects to work on today that will bring in some extra cash and I’m procrastinating because I’m tired but I just realized this dream in April is unfolding in May. HOW? let’s review.

  • Well, I’m supposed to finish this project so there’s the whole “what is my job, I’m late feeling,” I felt in the dream.
  • My coworkers choose a black and white dress for me to wear to the Gala (they didn’t know when we shopped online) but they didn’t have my size -yet look what I wore to the Poison Concert (my friend’s a stylist helped me pull things together with the help of her Prada Croc bra) and I felt like 18 again and I’m on the top of the stairs OMG that’s funny.
  • Today I was invited to have lunch at the Ivy in Beverly Hills probably the most known restaurant for power lunches in movies.
  • I tell my friends about the ruby dream and they ask me about the shopping bags “like fun shopping bags or baggage, groceries?” I bug my eyes “like this area shopping bags.” We joke about Pretty woman with the famous lines “big mistake…Huge!” When we’re done eating they ask for a ride to their car they for some reason they parked on Rodeo drive. When I realize it I comment to them “are you kidding me!” When I get home I tell my roommate about the connection and she confesses she watched Pretty woman last night. CRAZY cool.

The Ivy restaurant



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