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I’m not going to talk about the planetary changes that are piling up this week and in my triple earth sign and how crazy powerful it will cause changes. All we can do is practice what I know to be true “follow the heart but use the mind as a computer, let it work for you.”

I had left this heading in my drafts on 5/15 and just couldn’t get to finish and I’m going to just slap it down because I’m busy with personal projects I need to finish. I felt a need to share the strong metaphysical hits I had around my birthday as I grow older and ripe so does the dreaming. 

Tsunami Dream: I was sitting outside on a really pretty looking day with people I love at a picnic bench when it started to rain out of the blue and I just laughed at how ridiculous this was as it came down lightly and then BAM! A tsunami hit the side of me/us my legs trapped under the table I couldn’t break free to reach for air but then the dream moved to inside of a home and I was suddenly flipped like you would in an undertow and I couldn’t tell what was up or down. I finally reached the top almost hitting the ceiling of a room where I took a big breath and screamed to my kids directions “when you get a chance of air take a huge breath and hold it!” I went under again by the wave and then it washed away leaving me to see my 2 of my kids and ex-passed out soaked and not moving. I couldn’t choose who to resuscitate so I chose my youngest son and then switched to my daughter finally in a panic I grabbed them like an accordion and slammed them together with all my might to rid the water from the belly and gratefully I woke up at 1:16 am and wrote it on twitter. Although it was dreadful I for once did not carry it in my waking body and mind I was able to go back to sleep calmly…I knew then it was not going to be directly aimed at California or me but that I would know the calamity to come and the intensity people would face but I was on guard.

My sister texted me a few days later on my birthday asking me what I wanted in a gift “oh take a picture of nature and send it to me” I said. She proceeds to send me images her professional photographer friend took in order for me to chose from: I totally paused on ERAWAN. Yikes I thought in connection

I later get uncomfortable on 5/14 and tell my co-workers checking in to see if anyone else is feeling it and some do and a couple of kids act out some of my daughter’s friends are emotional and feeling it in their emotional body (and stayed home according to my really good friend who coincidently educated me about Erawan the first time I came across his name) whereas I feel it all-encompassing. I check the news and don’t see anything but that Hawaii had a major eruption and then I see/read about the story about a storm that hit the east coast out of nowhere!  meteotsunami  

I believe you Erawan and when you show up I’ll definitely know you mean business. I’m still concerned about flooding because my ankle hurt and caused me to limp for a couple of moments and I immediately thought my son is hiking today with his class but the thought came across my mind of “high water pants.” You know when you used to get teased as a kid if your pants didn’t fit in length and they would tease you “nice pants, waiting for a flood.” ankle tweet.  I wore 3-inch heels to a concert Friday it was not my ankle so I suggest you just fill your gas tank and stock up on water because no matter where it happens it will concern you.

Blessings to everyone in Hawaii I can’t express the intensity everyone must be feeling and how the NATIVE residents speak so reverently when interviewed about how they knew it was volcanic territory and it belongs to Gaia and they are so calm it just warms my heart and I am so moved by your bravery and respect.

Blessings to the new earth birthing and to the residents borrowing the land may they get what they need to survive replenished by humanity showing its strength in generosity to them.

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  1. Mlc

    Your dreams frighten me a bit but it’s comforting to know you can handle them. It appears Endings are in your mind; maybe prepping for new future beginnings? BLL

    • Erica Sussette

      LOL True they scare me too sometimes. I think seeing the young men ruthless and coldblooded last November was the biggest shake up I’ve had as I can take natural disasters as the earth in her evolution but evil is just plain sickening. This dream though removed the fear/anxiety quickly so I gather the message was received as I should have understood -not towards me so I am grateful those empathic feels were removed quickly. This dream was not symbolic for me just a message from Erawan and my spirit letting me know it’s real, true and I have no reason to doubt my dreams and messengers no matter how crazy it may seem.


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