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Bourbon is ridiculously caustic to health but here I was drinking in sips like I was from the deep south. “Honey Bourbon Badger please” spilled out of my mouth and the bartender poured while I wondered why did I order this (I was aiming to drink alcohol-free) but then again life is piling itself heavily on me. It’s not to escape and not even to release it’s just that sometimes my spirits spontaneity even surprises me! -Erica Sussette

I just came from eating vegetarian tacos and sipping B at the Eat Chow bar and I should probably refrain from writing while under the influence, but my energy is very Gemini influenced I’m going with the flow and my sensors are off.  it’s time to explore and find out if I like it or not and others’ views of me are not permitted; their restrictions I have shut off. Do I sound disagreeable? I’m really not; just not into holding your opinion of me in my heart.

Let me explain.  Before I walked in I saw the dragon artwork and took a photo and said: “the dragon keeps coming up.” I spoke with two of my friends of the dragon symbols popping up last week and we all agreed it was meaningful but why and I’ve been pondering but it’s too long to discuss here. Anyway I sat there with my friend we chatted with the bartender who was bored and tired and we tried to cheer her up when a woman sat next to me. I thought why sit next to me and not the last seat on the end (this is the spirit talking in feeling) I knew there was a reason I could feel my energy changing but assumed it was the drink. The woman ordered champagne (nice I thought) and she knew the bartender and showed her a picture of her niece and engaged in casual talk. I then heard her words overlap the stories my friend is sharing with me directly (I swear I wasn’t eavesdropping) “I’ve had a headache for a week and it’s killing me I can’t get rid of it.”  (SHIT, oh boy) I’m thinking I can’t help her right. I ignore her words as they were for the bartender not for me. My friend is sharing her past married life memories with me but I keep hearing my own voice saying “ask her, ask her, ask her!” I’m fighting myself in my head at this point in defiance “she’s going to think I’m crazy.” I give in.

“How’s your headache?” I ask as I turn in her direction. “Terrible, I just can’t shake it I went so far as telling my son to take me to the hospital but I don’t know if they can help me” she replied.  I nod “well, I’m not sure if you’re interested but I can offer you energy healing that can activate your body and I’ve been sipping (pointing at the drink) so I don’t know how powerful it can be but it’s your choice you can say yes or no. I sheepishly hug my shoulders in waiting for her outcry or dismissive response. “In here? Is this a good place?” she reasonably asks. I laugh “yeah well I know it seems awkward but I’m just the middleman I pray to the angels and they don’t discriminate I ask Mother Mary and Jesus too they offer unconditional love.” I almost feel for her as she’s visibly nervous and also curious. “Okay, she says I’ll give it a shot.” I smile “okay I’m just gonna place my hand on your shoulder and pray that you feel better that is all I promise and you might feel warm but I’ve been drinking so let’s see.”

I’m sending it and I can hear one obnoxious patron telling a story to her friends in vulgar language but I close it off and call in my team (it’s almost comical who I’m calling in to help amongst the circumstances). I don’t take but less than 5 min I didn’t want to freak her out. I pull my hand away. “Okay, that’s it! I hope you feel better,” I tell her.  She sits looking blank in front of her almost motionless so I start a meaningless conversation with my friend about how full I feel but I’m contemplating dessert as I let this lady decide if I’m bullshit or accommodating to her needs. I turn to her after a few moments “are you okay, do you feel better?” She’s still not facing me looking straight in front of her reflecting as she speaks “yeah, I do it’s strange.” I tell her that I work at a school with children and children teach you to love but most importantly “unconditional love” I am not trained but as my heart grew for children who were hurt and eventually I learned when I prayed for them and touched them they felt better and that’s why I offered it to her in case she needed it and it worked.  I explained to her “I’ve been told I don’t heal or take away the pain but I make them feel better.”

She turns to me “What’s your name?’ and holds out her hand to shake mine “Erica.” I replied while shaking her hand. “yeah, that’s exactly it I had such pressure and I’ve taken every medication I could find but it’s gone now, I still have a slight headache but the pressure was so heavy and it’s lifted thank you.” I’m so happy and exclaim “Yea (while hugging) I’m so glad you said yes to help me feel confident; it was an even exchange there was a reason you sat next to me.” She stood up with her to go order ready to take home and grinned (I can almost bet that same thought crossed her mind) “I’ll see you around” she smiles ‘yup, I’m hooked on these tacos; see you around.”

My best friend looks at me “well, you’re certainly shocking me with your woo-woo hanging out for all to see.” I’m laughing I know I couldn’t stop myself today. I have my suspicions that I needed that drink to let me express what I would normally conceal or was it that dragon and the ladybug on the artwork (because they’ve both come to me in dreams). LOL, and I haven’t shared my story of healing a young man this week and the crazy connections that was. Soon!


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