When it enters

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What it can do when it enters you

It moves mountains that once blocked you

It brings you up or it can bring you down (it allows you to be rescued)

it pulls out the emotions like drinking charcoal lemonade (where toxins once remained)

you can suddenly feel a way out or feel renewed

that is why it’s important to listen to music that helps you

Music Heals, music speaks boldly to the soul

it breaks open the heart even the one you’ve bolted closed

music is angelic as it permeates into our fragile cracks

music moves the mind to second and the heart to first at last

music moves the body and can rock you to sleep

music by Max Richter will open the realms that you seek

Sleep by me and hold my hand and together we’ll shed our skin and leave the land

in pillows of clouds and rays of sundown sheets with starlight seduction

dreams come true, how do I exist without you?

come closer and meet me in this dream

sleep next to me and hold on tight

the sweetest of dreams are ours

especially on such a night

-Erica Sussette


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