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“What is thought?  Who exactly conceives the ideas?Do you believe is it your brain…and if so, where does the brain get it from? He just smiled before going into the layers of localized consciousness”

-Deepak Chopra

Don’t quote me verbatim on the above, this was from my memory of attending his workshop on mediation at his center in 2012. If you ever attend a master teacher in person you know what I mean when I say “I understood everything he spoke about until someone asked me to share with them and I struggled to articulate what my soul understood.

Today I had two incidents that were closely related to the above but before I share them with you I’d like to add that all week a single crow has been on my radar. I mention this because the crow message is complex for me personally. I usually have them in 3’s when they deliver a message and since crows are so common how do you know when it’s a real message and when it’s not? A feeling is dominant in knowing what is to be trusted and what is not and the same goes for intuition on a psychic level. Swooping across my car twice at home, landing on the fence behind me when I park at work and just silently grabbing my attention no caws just watching me a close distance unafraid. I think (now writing this) they are confirming the veil is thinning and I am crossing or uncovering it.

His drawing

My friend stopped me on my rounds at work to share a story on how her reluctant 1st grader was to fall asleep unless she gave him a paper and pen to draw and she gave in as it was way past 9pm and it would be a hard wake up the next day. He draws and shows his mom and explains to her that this is for my daughter (his babysitter) and draws a crystal “isn’t that cute” she tells me.

My daughter’s homework the same night

I stood still with my eyes growing bigger “omg!” I remarked, I asked her last night “Its late are you done with your homework?” worried she’d be up late as it was already 9:30 pm. “oh mom, don’t worry it’s easy, I only have to draw a crystal!”  I showed my daughter “yeah a quartz grows in that formation and that was what I was drawing and she smiled “cool.” When my friend showed her son her drawing he whispered “wow!’  My daughter has only sat for them twice and each time comes back with a horse throat having shared all her stories of mythology and explaining to them science she’s learned at school “they’re insatiable ” she reports and I guess there’s no denying its true or how much the heart and soul can connect you with the ones you love near or far.

The next story is my very good friend whose neighbors house is for rent and she called last week and then again today to ask me to consider it. (Strange as the anniversary of moving into a house I lived in for 4 years offered by another good friend and I was so happy there i healed so much is on my calendar for tomorrow to honor and remind me what miracles appeared to me). Anyway, my friend Lisa calls today “Erica I know you said you’re happy where you are but she’s willing to lower the price for you because she knows you’d take care of her garden and house with love.” Geez its hard because I would love the feeling of knowing my landlord wants me to stay as long as I want and I could garden again. “Tempting Lisa our girls are best friends but moving expenses are so high and I love where I am right now (my left ear just enfolded in a high pitch to a dome sound) my kids love the lake and yeah they might raise the rent and or kick me out but my roommate won’t drive that far, I can’t.”  I can hear her sigh “I know but I just had to ask again the urge is strong, you still seeing crows and figured it out yet?” I let out my own sigh “yes, still prominent but I don’t know why yet.” and the time 3:33 comes in between our texts she notes it to me…”yeah I saw it too.”

At 3:45 a Dad asks if he can speak to me in private. “Sure.” (I’m wondering what in the heck but he’s the same friend in that dream I had of Amethyst waves who lead me to the boat amethyst blog (hello drawing of amethyst above and when I had to move – that dream saved me) and he then proceeds to tell me “I know you have many contacts and we just got notice that our landlord is selling our house we lived in for 11 years and we need a house do you know of anyone?”  My heart was beating so loudly “YES!” Omg, it’s a special house but it’s not in Costa Mesa but many carpoolers around you and I give him Lisa’s number.

What led him to ask me you might not ask because I stated it (my contacts), but truth be told it was spirit that told him where to go and it’s so intricate and beautiful (remarkably similar to my own moving situation of the past) and all today to match my timeline last spring.  Follow your spirit animal and heart it will lead you to the wildest dreams and good wishes and I say that because I feel someone might be needing me to pass that on as I keep wondering if the crow is for me or for YOU! Perhaps I’m supposed to bring it to your attention. Enjoy the journey and pay attention to the synchronicities associated when you trust the whispers of the spirit animal.




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