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I started this blog on the 4th of July, deeming my independence to seek while I speak my own truths.

I’ve never told my friends about this blog, just family and I still hide in the background not sharing my blog with colleagues or acquaintances too often (they know me well enough) it was created for a foundation I have come to cultivate with the help of everyone I meet and the unseen loving creator who holds my hand and pushes it to write it down so that I can understand…and maybe, just maybe it can spark an epiphany your own storylines.

Sometimes my stories though true, sound absurd or childlike for which I will attest I keep my ‘Neverland’ close to my spirited heart but it’s all true, cross my heart but …hoping to die is well….going to happen (THANKFULLY) so it’s unnecessary, you just have to allow my wee adventures into your circle of life and see if the pebble I’ve thrown ripple towards you.


Three of my favorite colleagues are leaving or have left this last week. It leaves me feeling a longing to push out of the gates and run wild with them as each of them has taken leaps of faith to put them on a new path. One was offered and sought out for their talent, while another sought for greater provisions and found it a mile away, and lastly one just decided to trust her worth and take the leap.  The last one decided she had enough with ‘enough’ and go for MORE and she too was sought out and is going to “school us all” on trusting your worth.

Life has a way of closing in on you and getting you uncomfortable with the status quo we were not created for meagreness but greatness and it’s not to be convoluted with greed at any cost, but with gratitude for what we have and what we can do when we feel the pull. Only we can keep ourselves in chains and ruled by fear or ignorance naively or blatantly, but we can take a closer look and start our own revolutions by changing our views and go with the bravery of the heart no matter the risk of rejection as you might score an ejaculation (I couldn’t resist).

We are currently in the makings of a Grand Trine in the Fire signs pushing us to take ACTION and reckoning where the planets arouse us to betterment and breakdowns. Even if you don’t believe in planetary involvement in our human lives it’s not a bad idea to observe it and learn from what has been passed down from our ancestors who created our math formulas and calendars we use to this day!

For this reason, I started because I’ve always been a scribe taking in the events/conversations/tragedies/victories around me and soaking them into my heart when I look to the heavens for guidance. It’s taken me from being so lost from love and unrequited love, to loving myself which will bring greater understanding in loving others PERIOD. I hope you can share with your friends and I can learn how to work this new site and add your contributions too!

Loving Myself 

It doesn’t mean I value myself more than you

it means that I listen to your needs but add mine too.

It doesn’t mean I want to look perfect, Godly or sublime

but that I want to detect the defects that keep me from seeing God’s light in you.

It doesnt’ mean I won’t mess up or cause a commotion or fight with you

it just means It won’t be for petty reasons, useless or without reason to.

It doesn’t mean I will always forgive your abuse

It means I will look at what I caused in you, to move you to abuse and remove myself from our ruin.

It means I always look for love first and judgement is for me to include myself in the entire design.

if I don’t fit in your blueprint then I guess you don’t fit into mine and I’ll find an architect who builds something similar but of thier own design, but I won’t think I wasted my time with you; because loving myself means I loved something good and truthful about YOU and in the end I will whisper “thank you.”

-Poem by Erica Sussette ES

A special thank you to Seth of Search Owls for helping me so graciously with this new platform and web design to Dehn really great people to work with! All my love to you both

Happy Fourth of July! Thank you to all the service men and women from 1776 to present. May you be able to stabilize the hazards that surround us in greed, angst, anger and personal powers and deliver us to goodwill and freedom in the union of a great nation under GOD.

“Peace in yourself and the rest of the pieces fall into place” -ES






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