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The Birth of Venus, by Sandro Filipepi Known as Botticelli, 1484 – 1485 about, 15th Century

I love this masterpiece demonstrating the birth of Venus (Goddess of LOVE). You can see Zephyrus, God of Winds, as he carries with him the gentle breeze “Aura.” Venus does come into our lives and like a gust of wind that takes our breath away in the aura, she leaves us wrapped in… LOVE. She is almost tipping the shell to topple but she exudes to the limit, she’s not afraid or with fear but she awaits “our decisions” in receiving her. DO we cover her up? OR let her be a Goddess unashamed of her gifts of  love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and desire.  

As I look at my past stages of being a maiden to woman I can tell you we are raised to believe many things about image and that immediately provokes judgement. Young ladies should look like this, and women like that, and older women should look like they all shop from the same store PERIOD! I remember when I was younger you just can’t hide your Goddess it just presents itself as an aura. We are awoken to new possibilities in love and we are entering our own life experiences in every stage of life. Even a school uniform takes on an sexual attraction (we saw that in the Brittney)and a mother can be titled as “hot,” and finally the elder women like Helen Mirren exclaim a never ending supply of attraction.

The girl then becomes a woman and during that transition she may lose herself in archetypal clothing trying to find herself among the ads and competition of what she deems she is in.  The woman becomes a mother and dresses to be an example . . .well times have changed.  There are more women finding their empowerment in “who they are” not “what they are.” What I mean by that is they are finding self love for themselves in all stages: maiden, mother or crone. We see gray hair now popular in youth (makes me laugh and embrace my tinsel curls “what was” with “what is’) and mothers are not holding back on their goddess energy nor are the elders. In fact I saw a photo shot from behind of an elderly couple in undergarments  (him in boxers, her in a short nightie) washing the dishes and she had one hand pinching his buttocks; ohhh I love it!

I’m sharing this “obvious knowledge” because you may not understand how Goddess energy works and in order to “understand” these women (I being one) you would have to try and view us as “not threatening” but like the birth of VENUS, emerging in what we were given to experience. A man will experience power  in his own way, and God gave us ours too.

A man I adore sneered in my ear “that woman thinks she’s hot!” He was directing his attention to a woman I knew to be claiming her life and power again.  I answered back “She is!” I think he was taken back by my response hoping I’d bring her down, maybe agree that she should not be attractive as a mother, but I didn’t share his observation.  He had no idea what she’d been through he only saw an attractive woman dressing to attract . . .but who was she attracting?? Was it for males or for her???? HER is the answer it was her power she was reclaiming and the archetype she needed; and not much different from a business man in the finest suit. 

I once lived in a neighborhood across from a park where mothers ran after children all day. One day a woman moved into the neighborhood and she walked her dog in high heels and fashionable dresses. Dresses I would probably wear to a fancy dinner or party; but this is how she dressed everyday.   My first reaction was “uh! Orange County house wife!” in other words ‘a woman who dressed the part of the trophy wife.’ I caught myself actually defensive and feeling poorly about that judgement because it was me who wasn’t feeling attractive or happy. I then really looked at her. She was beautiful and she was actually living her life the way she wanted “happily and beautifully,” and she looked like a leading lady in a romance movie set we all dream of living in. I smacked myself and looked forward to seeing her grace our community; she brought wonder, beauty and power … if we allow it or condemn it.

Just this week I was attracted to 3 inch heels that spoke of sexual influence and for me that’s exactly how I felt … but it was not for anyone else but for me. I felt incredibly attractive and powerful even in my middle stage of life; I’m not waiting for judgement of this world to change – I’ve emerged in love for myself. I’m not apologizing for feeling attractive or wanting to be -this is the Goddess Energy. We are comfortable in our varying and changing moods and we embody a love inside we hope to give to the outer. We are more than one title “girl, woman, mother, grandmother, lady, wife, lover” we are everything mixed in and it pours out when you love yourself. So the next time you see an attractive male or female, maybe you’ll allow them to be, and by that allowance you yourself become more attractive.

I hope to see a lot more women feel comfortable and accept their beauty without fear or constraints and likewise that we all extend it to not only to ourselves but to each other.  I’ll be posting my dream on becoming a goddess and how I came to emerge because of it soon.

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    • Erica Sussette

      Yes, it will be filled with grammar mistakes and misspelled words guaranteed! I apologize and wish I could avoid it but I made a promise to myself that I would just post without the fear of perfection to thwart me, or intimidate my love of writing. When I finish my book I will hire an editor I promise ☺


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