Make A Wish; You Are A Star!

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Goddess In Training – Part One

Dream Academy  (Know what you’re made of)

The dreams you remember. You know. . . the ones you can’t shake or you know you were lucid in and observing simultaneously while experiencing them; these I call Dream Academia. I believe we all have ways of connecting to our source home, and mine originated in dreams (plus I love clean soft sheets).

I didn’t know back then but writing my last post about embracing Goddess energy, I believe it started here in this dream from my subconscious to seep S L O W L Y into the now. These were the years where I was afraid to share (or journal) a lot of what I was experiencing (in dreams, cognizance in synchronicity) because I knew it was causing me to separate from where I was glued to the floor. Therefore I don’t have the scribbles in detail and so this is dream recall.

Note: this part of the dream I am experiencing the dream from a human perspective :
I was on a beautiful public beach and approached what appeared to be a “state beach property” maybe once used by rangers and lifeguards housing. I knew It was mine, it was given to me and as I started to question “how logical can this be, really no one can buy a state beach landmark…”  My eye caught a glimpse of my friend who in reality was going through a very bad divorce while her child was very ill. I was excited to show her my new home but stopped myself from flagging her down, I didn’t want to come across as rubbing in my good fortune. I saw she had left the main public restroom downstairs (underneath the private residence) and I thought “oh goodness, do I have to clean that and share it with the public?” My excitement was dwindling, but I pointed out it was the price to pay for such a pristine view and rare chance to live so close to the water. I looked around inside the building finding only concrete floors, I would have a lot of work to improve it. I then saw a ramp leading to what I thought was the bathrooms but it was the basement.

Note: I am now experiencing and witnessing myself from afar no longer inside my human body looking out, but as a soul observer from a higher perspective:
I see a shimmering very slender ethereal thin body walking down the ramp toward the basement (basement is subconscious). She is a shimmering in faded blue/gray (like the Hindu painted deities) like the color of moonlight or starlight and somehow I can focus on her face…it’s me! Usually, in dreams, I don’t see myself or I look like a stranger but this time I recognize my features and haircut and I’m taken with my beauty of pure radiance. I intake a huge gasp air and in shock, I start to cry in amazement (my soul reminding me of what we really look like and who we really are with this human shell off) a lost memory; we are from the stars so gorgeous.

I see my image walk further and I come across  3 mirrors and as I stand before one mirror I am no longer the “star” but my human form. I look at myself  (I can see myself standing in front of the mirror & my soul observing from far away). I see endless closets behind me and I think “I wonder what costume?” and BOOM I’m dressed like Cher or some cage dancer and many different styles appear when I finally understand what I imagine I can change into, I try a man’s body and I immediately don’t like it. I go back to a woman and then I change my height and my breast size to large to larger to smaller and finally I decide . . . I like the way I was originally made.

Upon waking I realized I wasn’t living in appreciation for who I am and I HAD NO IDEA how beautiful we really are. I began my slow journey to allow love in by starting with myself and once you open that basement door; the floors flood with love to everything and eventually everyone.

update: I later experience or see what we really are made of and from, and I don’t share that story with the public because I don’t want people to hear about it, but experience it and maybe we each experience something different.  I did let it pop out of my mouth one day to my horror (it’s a really out there, hard to digest or believe my experience) to my doctor and she cut me off in mid-sentence excited and proceeded to tell me what she experienced was nearly the same but different approach.  

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