On the Eleven

by | Jan 11, 2018 | 1 comment

Starting way back in Nov 2011
When Serendipity came to play
I faced the darkest day of my soul, my fears, my worries I tested my all

I released myself from bondage from a controlled atmosphere
I didn’t know how or where to start, but I took the plunge with love in my heart
I wanted no pain or sorrow, no regrets of what had already transpired or what will come tomorrow

I wanted a conscious new beginning where there are no winners or losers; just neutrality
and that’s when 11’s started following me

 I’d see 11’s everywhere, especially on the hour auspiciously laughing at me regaining my trust that peace can be achieved
So on this very day, after a grueling night of how can I NOW take care of my children on my own?
Did I get approached and offered this full-time job which gave my children not only provisions but an education, a community as a home!
Yes, Serendipity came to play but she never left she promises to stay
so long as I remain grateful for all my mistakes with a grace that I now own.

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  1. MLc

    Reflection, introspection at the start of a new year? Wishing you insight, peace and happiness ALWAYS!


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