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 UPDATE  When I stopped writing the last blog as indicated and prayed for healing and assistance for a friend’s son.

I called her in the next morning to ask if I could visit the hospital and give him direct touch and prayers.  Not soon after a co-worker asks me if I’m going see to the “Walk with Me” documentary showing for a 1 night near me. I wasn’t planning on it, but he convinces me into trying to attend after I go to the hospital.  Not long after my friend with her ill son sends me this! Prayers last night from distance helped and now I get to attend this documentary.

I attend the movie and although it’s not life-changing or didn’t move me; it didn’t drain me either.  I expected to be exhausted to rush before and after this movie but I found myself rested and peaceful. This movie would irritate those needing a translation on what peace is, it does not offer any transcript on what it is to become a monk or why you would …it’s just a peek at strangers and their deep belief in dull everyday life but do they see it as dull? Mmmhmm You can’t teach peace it’s an inside job to find stillness and be unemotional in personal differences and just accept others for what they choose because PEACE is a neutral place. What I personally received was a message about “being present” from this documentary.

A woman I was streaming earlier this week remarks “I’m hearing bells ringing” I noted it and wasn’t surprised but amused when my son told me the next day he is hearing bells ringing in his ears and it’s driving him nuts. I correlate it with this upcoming weekend class on sonic geometry; vibration, frequency in sound when formed in formulas create a language. I see the correlation when these two occurrences matched so I hope to understand the sounds I hear and experience the Integratron further. What surprised me was one final synchronicity to be revealed in the documentary.  A bell rings on the clock or in the town in France and everyone stops what they’re doing for 7 minutes. Travelers with small children are shown experiencing this for the first time. The children are curious and look around them feeling the change reverently and the adults (who are clueless) just do what they feel is etiquette and remain quite but you can see they’re trying to figure out why people are freezing and the kids are just entertained by it. The monk explains when you hear bells in this monastery you stop what you’re doing in autopilot and get centered, be present and look into what you’ve already experienced up until this bell rang. So I take it we must be very mindful and take a closer view into our decision making and construction of what we’re doing no zombie walking (oh that might explain why the song “Time of the Season” by the Zombies was playing in my head Sat morning) that’s funny…see that’s how spirit works it weaves all time and space into one segment of learning.

One last correlation to spirt speaking in connection. When I wrote this blog about purpose and planning,  I had no idea a woman I admire, who has been working with the police force for years to solve mysteries psychically and has extensive knowledge on remote viewing (I took a dream class of hers in which we had a matching horrific dream we both had before the class started) emailed her newsletter with the same feeling and message (at least I feel) and as I read it, a hawk persisted in singing outside my window. I may not hear church bells but we have nature calling us out every day (even from your bedroom window) to get you to stop and be mindful.

From: Pam Coronado <> October Insights Newsletter

Happy October. Last month was a little rocky for me, as one of the natural disasters struck close to home with my daughter in Mexico City during the 7.1 earthquake. Thanks to all of you who reached out to offer support during that scary time. It made a difference to feel loved and supported. She is safe and we have both recovered from the fright. All of these disasters have prompted me to get better prepared. I’m not trying to spread fear and this isn’t about becoming a doomsday prepper but taking a few practical steps to make sure you have food and water stored, an emergency go bag packed, smoke alarms working, etc. is the wise step to take. Denial serves no good purpose. There is a lot going on in the world right now and I know things feel unstable and scary to many of you who have reached out to me for insight. I’ve done my best to face these issues head on from a spiritual perspective (avoiding politics completely) Speaking of taking precautions. I am teaching a class starting on Monday on how to protect yourself online. I’ve received lots of inquiries into the motives of the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock. If I could come up with one word to describe his personality or drives it would be “ravenous.” He wanted more, more, more and enjoyed the idea of living on the edge and living large. Paddock had some feelings of invincibility because of access to money and that he was above the law. When I tune into that energy if feels compulsive and manic. He just couldn’t get enough, money, guns, women. He had an insatiable appetite which fed his ego and need for excitement but left his soul empty. I almost wonder if he was bi-polar because of the mania I perceive. What I find interesting about this mass killer is that he did care about some people in his close circle so he wasn’t just a heartless monster. He most definitely had a double life with two distinct sides of his personality. The motive behind his attack? Oddly, it wasn’t about any ideology that I can tell. He just wanted to do something BIG and go down in history for it. It seems it really was that simple. His choice of venue was more about logistics and impact than anything else, though he did like the idea of taking out a few “red necks.” He didn’t have festering hate for these people, he just wanted to gain notoriety. Paddock was so emotionally detached it was more like a video game to him and earning the title of biggest mass shooter in US history. That’s my take anyway. Truly tragic and my heart goes out to all affected by this senseless act. What in the world? Here is my best attempt at providing some spiritual perspective on the world right now. These are scary times but we all have the inner resources to navigate turbulent waters if we listen and trust our inner guidance. What’s really going on though? My belief is that human consciousness is going through a growth spurt and growth can be painful. What I’ve perceived is that we, humanity, and especially those of us in the US, are being challenged to look deep inside ourselves and define who we are. There is so much political division, anger, threat of war and violence swirling around us it’s difficult to stay grounded in our humanity and compassion. Yet, painful and sometimes loud dialog is happening about taboo and difficult subjects. The shadows of racism, corruption and sexual exploitation are being exposed so light can get in. By the way, expect to see more scandal over the next 13 months with Jupiter in Scorpio plumbing the depths. Don’t be afraid to peer inside your own psychological closet and examine how you may have let fear, anger or resentment shut down your heart. Letting love in will help heal not only yourself but the collective. It’s been utterly heartbreaking to witness so many natural disasters on top of the stress most of us have been feeling but I can’t help but notice the silver lining. Each natural disaster pulls us back into compassion and generosity for our fellow humans who are suffering. Crisis after crisis is reminding us to love one another. During the worst of times we are also witnessing the best of humanity. My daughter saw this first hand in Mexico and was incredibly moved by the show of solidarity in the face of disaster. For those who are ultra sensitive it can feel like too much, I know. I understand that completely and share the desire to escape the relentless stress. Looking away, though and pretending it’s not happening, as some spiritual studies seem to suggest just doesn’t resonate as truth to me. I have always believed in being part of the solution. I believe that if we find our inner strength and lend it to another who is suffering and in need of support we are more aligned with our spiritual selves and will bring some amount of healing to them and you. We are not helpless in all of this, we have an unlimited supply of love to offer and creative problem solving (spirit is ingenious) and together is the way through. Listen. Support. Love.
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