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“We’ve been shaken in our hearts and like salt and pepper used on a windy picnic day, we seem to be missing the mark on how we can apply ourselves directly into purpose.”

There is so much chaos to be had, platefuls of despair in our circles that no one is immune.  Fire, Water, Earth, Air all the elements have shown us their great power in nature and man mirroring the destruction is beyond cruelty. We don’t need any negative energy whatsoever but in order to combat the darkness, we have to see the light that others provide in assistance and follow suit PERIOD.

We’ve heard the heartbreaking endearing stories of men and women who placed themselves in great danger to save a stranger; a stranger who’s someone’s child, lover, father, mother, spouse, relative or the co-worker who makes life easier. If we can practice loving more than fearing we can start changing the tides. “It sounds so easy, come on be realistic” you might be saying. I imagine those who serve our country have to choose something to love about our country to protect it, and it might be as simple as the soldier standing next to him the steadfast oath of no one left behind that he’s witnessed first hand that holds his glue. We all don’t (gratefully) get chances to face despair so frequently as the people who serve in protection and we don’t practice saving someone to know the sweet purpose that becomes so much bigger in the soul when you have. Charity is a start and donations are imperative but “in doing” and “in purposely” trying to improve your surroundings or offering assistance does it start to expand your own love and worth and fear subsides significantly and you just prepared yourself unknowingly to face uncertainty with a powerful trust when you care for more than yourself.

We got a To Do List (of TO-BE) but it’s way past its Due Date! 

We are getting these sequences of testing our muster of courage and valor towards humanity and our environmental impact and how we handle the turmoil. We are witnessing high volumes of uncomfortable, shocking and painful correspondence and we must respond quickly but we feel unprepared because we are. How can we prepare ourselves? By responding to the despair directly. If someones says to pray for me PRAY and I mean don’t say “yeah l will” but excuse yourself and be present to give. If someone says “I feel sick” ask them if you can make a meal. If someone says “I’m scared” be brave to ask “why?” You may not have answers or any way to change the situation but in offering, you can change a perspective of NO WAY OUT to “I hope so too, maybe or you think!” That energy sparks life from death into rebirth and the higher powers can assist in much greater power in that vibration.  We must also prepare ourselves in readiness in planning for natural disasters from financial organization to “what if” scenarios we’ve seen enough now to know we can assist others faster if we are prepared ourselves.

I’ve got my earthquake bag in my car, my home ready (except a file of financial/documents I should have readily available) and a plan to where to evacuate (my kids know too). My friend is sharing her out of state farm as a designation option if my family is not accessible. These conversations in planning, sharing, giving and receiving help is prudent in our stabilizing strength but it’s not a lone job of survival; we’ve got to care to share. I’m writing this knowing I have two visits to the hospital I must make time for no matter what (I’ve put it off) because it means so much to the people looking for hope or support and I ignored it thinking it was nice for me to show them support but it won’t change much WRONG!

The 3 Lessons This week (3c’s)

10/9/17 Lesson 1: My son’s beloved teacher walks by me on Monday as she bids her farewell to enjoy our half day at work and stops to read a text as I continue to type. I hear her say “I have to evacuate!” We look at each other dumbfounded “what does that mean!” She runs out to take action and it slowly comes to mind that weird sky we saw was smoke mixing in with our foggy view. 30 minutes pass and another teacher approaches us to ask us to pray for that particular teacher as she received word by text that things are really bad. The backyard is catching fire as the horses and dogs were loaded and as she drove away looking for the last time in the rearview mirror in shock. I looked to my coworker who like me, knows a higher power and I point to her “you know what to do!” I didn’t care if I looked like I was crazy I stopped what I was doing folded my hands in prayer and said: “I’m sending a league of Angels to her home to surround it if you guys know how it looks like picture them toe to toe surrounding it.” I could feel the surge of energy prick my skin and I beg that whatever I was asking for be pushed aside and granted in this house saved as this woman is so important to many lives (to me) and we need her to continue to carry these kids she has so much purpose we can’t have her troubled. I couldn’t tell if it was fear or adrenaline making my body feeling a surge until I asked: “will she lose her house in the fire?” NO! I felt it immediately answer in my gut. I felt secure it was true, while another friend calls me moments later seeing the fire on the news to inquire and I tell her to do the same and she does (she’s also my 2nd lesson to share). We find out the next day she did not lose the house and she texts me the miracle of the house untouched just yards away from charred ruins. I tell her we prayed for Angels to surround the house. Today she came in and tells me a fireman came to check on them and looking around he said: “let me ask you something, just what kind of Angels do you have!”

Lesson 2: The friend who called just in time to pray also reached out to a friend in the vicinity to ask if she was okay. The answer was one of fear and overwhelmed responded “I don’t know what to pack!” my dear friend a busy career mother of 3 said “I’m coming with boxes!” she grabbed them and headed into the dark clouds facing the horrendous traffic and the possibility of getting turned away achieving nothing. We spoke as she drove there not knowing what to expect and I was in awe of her no second thinking action (she’s an Aries) just do it attitude she was able to help her friend.  I felt rather ashamed why didn’t I just leave work and follow that teacher out the door to her home! In fact, the teacher said neighbors were piling chickens, animals, and items into neighbors cars driving away. Police were yelling at people to abandon the second cars to just run out. She witnesses rats like wildebeest running in enormous packs out the canyon along with raccoons, coyotes it was surreal. I could’ve helped people in doing and experience a test run and learn much more.

Lesson 3: People are coming across unexpected sickness or circumstances and are learning to reach out for help! My own child needed extra help in learning as I explained before and I saw one of his teachers working till 9 pm dedicated. My goodness, I’m exhausted just attending a college planning lecture but here he is churning out papers and helping my child on top of it! How can I help him! I ask him and he doesn’t need it he says it’s no biggie (it’s his purpose). I heard of a long-ago colleague battling an unknown sickness and is lonely asking for visitors and I haven’t gone yet but here I am receiving so I can pull an “its no biggie” too. I learn my really good friend’s son is in the hospital today she reminds me to pray for her son “omg, how did I not stop and do it!” I stop this blog and send healing and prayers.  Right now we got to stop our lives enough to help someone evacuate a dim situation. STOP DROP and ROLL into action! Appreciate your fireman and police they are working so hard to keep grounded for us all we don’t have to wait until we need them to show them we care.

Blessing to you and to All that you will do!



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