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It seems the theme ending in September is washing over into October. I’m coming across dreams of the past 1-2 years ago, now appearing to me presently.

Before I reminisce of past dreams, I think I should share the whole experience of trusting I am open to what you have planned.” Like I said, “I meant it.” So, here comes where you have to go with your gut/intuition and protect yourself when you feel you must and present yourself even when you don’t want to; but instinctively you know you need to try.

I took a break at work and as I walked out I suddenly remembered the “Blue Angels” team should have buzzed our location by now as we located on the bluffs above the ocean. No sooner did I think that did I hear them roaring to my left and I smack my lips with anticipation of their practicing right as I had time to watch appreciatively.  I later learn my friend who invited me on his yacht to view the airshow from the ocean had it already on the books to charter a business party (dang). This meant I would have to see if I wanted to contend with long lines in the am and get fried on the beach or should I go grab a bite to eat like last year right at the last two hours and deal with no hassles. My friend is going with her son and Lyft down. This reminds me of the #1Alchemy dream of purple waves and sand because it was her son who led me to the boat   hmm interesting I think I should just go alone and wing it (pun intended). I leave late at 1 pm it started at noon its busy on PCH but Rocketman is playing on the radio so perfectly as I watch from the steering wheel as loads of people park illegally along PCH but I’m elated with it all.

I head out of my street I get in the back of a Mercedes with a license plate 333 “oh good the masters are with me!” then I see another plate “3whales” Should I park at Surf City and grab a beer “No” says my gut. Okay, what about that place on Atlanta I ate at last year “Nah” says my intuition and I see my friends Dee’s house come to mind. I text her “is there parking at your place?” Luckily she calls me right away as I’m passing the pier close to her house “I’m not home but park in my spot in the back-block my garage.” She’s saying this as I hear a guy asking someone if they’re leaving “no. says the stranger and the driver starts mouthing F-bombs in frustration and in jest (it’s that hard to find parking) AMEN for friends and generosity. So I walk a couple of blocks and decide to stay on the quiet side of the pier as I don’t want to run into people from work and their kids who know me so well in my bathing suit Awkward! Well, as soon as I drop my sundress and head for the water do I run into a past family whom I swear on a bible was just thinking about as her sons whom will always be close in my heart… OMG, it’s hitting me now haaaa geez… her older son was on a walk in the bluffs when a FIRE happened nearby. That incident placed them into my heart forever when they came in excited to share with me wild tall stories about how they saw the bad man who started it and how they witnessed so many good guys (fireman#2 aka “Arrival blog”). Sidenote: I’m not convinced it’s a “fireman” spirit is preparing me for (but I’m down for that) but maybe a “fire sign” (pun intended again). 

OH, and when I was near my neighborhood did another Mercedez with 333 blazes in front of me YES thanks for the signs and therefore the 3C’s above are NOTED!

Now earlier this week I saw a photo of dolphins appearing to “standing in a presentation”  that took me to another dream #3 Walrus I won’t get into, but wow again it’s like a snapshot photo album of dreams from the past now HERE!

 So yeah, it’s kinda random and how does this even come so close to the image I saw in a dream (it’s in the book I’m writing) almost exact. This leaves me to today. My mom sends me this image:

#4 Stairway to heaven dream you can read about it July 17, 2016  Field Tripping! 


“I am open to what you have planned,” I said on a pier, and my soul grinned and probably said, “that is why we can show you the connections but we can’t ruin the end so discover in wonderment; we got you.”


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