Pushing Past Obscurity

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1.an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination.“an eclipse of the sun”synonyms:blotting out, blocking, covering, obscuring, concealing, darkening;
occultation “the eclipse of the sun”

We’ve come to the point of greater understanding of what the heck we’re after. For most of us, the fear of not having will be greater than the fear of not trying. When even the “possibility of failure” becomes an ally in a catalyst of pushing us to change will greatness arise

I love planetary events because I need them. As a triple earth sign I am slow to change and movement, I tend to be like nature I grow up and around transfixed, but as for my soul, this does not hinder me/us in a bit as we have no attachments. I’m not versed in astronomy or astrology but I do “feel” the alignments and therefore I take heed of why I feel these pulls? Currently, I feel this fire in my belly (Aries, Mars) not JUST because I was born with Aries in Venus (hot passion) but because it’s coming in the last eclipse February 26th and I’m usually keen on tasting energy while it’s brewing.

I could feel the need to “get shit done” and not just half ass but kick ass! I’m also feeling water in emotions (Pisces) the intuitive knowledge of what feels accurate even when you can’t see the truth, the sense of trusting that my deeper need is to be now mixed with fire/action. Water and Fire create steam and it’s pushing me to M O V E. The Pisces influences asks me to consider and flow with the natural need while the Aries influences me to just move no matter what direction but anywhere better than stagnation.

So it seems we have a choice to flow like lava down the mountainside and build a new earth or we can just burn off some steam in fighting the natural need to change what is not working for us. We may hurt someone with callus truths or melt someone’s heart with truth no longer “obscuring” our passions be it in love or heartfelt endeavors that finally change our destiny to our choosing.

Again, I only share what I’m currently feeling and clarity (Pisces) seems to be popping up in what I need to do in order to succeed (Aries) in making new headway. 

We are going to be pulled like taffy between these opposite forces of; subtle and factual, soft and fast, now or soon. 

I’m liking it as I’m really sick of fear cropping up in my progress. Today I had blown out obscurity got a glimpse of how I don’t address some issues due to fear of Possible setbacks. That’s right “possible” not for certain outcomes. So I haven’t changed back to my maiden name oh the hassle of paperwork, taxes, DMV, airlines, children blah blah blah, but I am in need of new energy and burning the mountainside is my choice this week! I saw how I hold back in taking care of things I need to do in case something worse comes to light like holding on to heath benefits that “may come up” instead of taking care of my current needs. Making due in order not to disturb others but then others don’t know what needs attending. Annoying and obvious right …but I only saw that today I was in the dark.

This whole glimpse happened while taking a hot steamy bath (how apropos) and how my colleague is finally changing her name back and she gave me the application for social security last Thursday “how much I asked?” This didn’t concern her she just wanted to move forward. I remembered how my other friend/lawyer last Sunday showed me that the court already noted my maiden name it was all a matter of just doing it. In doing research it was only $29 dollars that stood in my way of my original coat of arms surname; the tower! This is the subtle and factual working in conjunction to a new path.

Follow the hunches, listen to synchronicity and just MOVE with the direction you are pulled toward boldly and with a full heart as failure is not an option but a primitus for desired change.

by the way, the word “primitus” popped into my mind, I inserted it without hesitation but had to look it up because it’s unknown in the English dictionary: https://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus:text:1999.04.0059:entry=primitus 

Don’t you just love how spirit shows you to trust and follow its lead! I’m really excited in the possibilities of a greater force bringing us change we’ve resisted. In fact the last eclipse I asked, “what may come from them, for me personally?” In humor, the cards showed Clarity no obstruction (basically the opposite workings of an eclipse) I will have a reason to celebrate and wisdom gained. I have to say further it gave me hope where I was very lost on how to continue in my book and for me, it shows I will have a new chapter (celebrating that) and clear view.

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