Venus Enters Mars (Lovers in Mercury)

Love is powerful and should never be treated without serious gratitude, consideration or truth.

In our youth, we chase it.

In our birthing years, we confine it to our personal interpretations

In our wisdom, we let love be free

I made this iPhone memo recording for Valentines Day 2016 for my own personal vibration mantra. Honestly, it was to keep my true intentions clear when others around me were desperately feeling the need for a mate and their vibes felt unsanitary while I wanted a TRUE soul match; nothing less. It was my golden bubble wrap and I shared it with my young colleague I’d share poems and ponders with and he told me I should share it and asked me for a copy so I did you can read it here

Every year on Valentines I pull this out and listen to my voice and send the vibration out holding true to my belief there is a soul match worth waiting for. This year I dusted it off and just added some of my photos from my phone and made a quick video and put a 5-second recording on Instagram and a note asking if you need a copy let me know I’d send it to you. Well needless to say I only had family ask me for a copy and sent it to them and they really like it and said I should share it …so here it is AGAIN auspiciously on the same day I posted in 2016 (unplanned) I planned to upload it on the full moon but it wouldn’t show up in my attachments until today when Venus Enters Mars how fitting.

Hope you like it

Erica Sussette


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