Wish, Dream & Pray

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I wish
I dream
I pray for the world:
That the love I hold may continue to sustain
When fear or pain from others forces my impulse
When the ‘lost’ attack their kin, I pray you’ll love again.
This love that dwells in me, may it serve me well
I wish, dream and pray; it holds on longer than the time that chips away
Making the ill fade, using this time to thrive in unity instead of plagues

I wish, dream and pray for my love:

I wish that the joy that shoots up to race my heart
finds you looking my way
knowing what we’re about to start
I dream that our past lives taught us what we needed to know                                                                               Together we can grow from the silence of inner peace
No more guessing, no liars or thieves nor undertows
I pray that you’ll find me, before your awakened mind                                                                                     Energetically seeking what’s ours to explore, in likeness (in kind)
United under a fiery trine

 May true love find us this time

From Spaceweather.com:
prize winner Annie Dillard witnessed both types of eclipse in 1979, and her comparison might help you make up your mind:

“A partial eclipse is very interesting. It bears almost no relation to a total eclipse. Seeing a partial eclipse bears the same relation to seeing a total eclipse as kissing a man does to marrying him, or as flying in an airplane does to falling out of an airplane.”

During the minutes of totality, the whole world changes. Saying that day turns into night barely scratches the surface of it. The shadow of the Moon lances down to Earth from a quarter million miles away. On one end is you; on the other end is a million square miles of dusty lunar terrain. You’re connected, and you can feel the cold.

Darkness inside the path of totality has an alien quality. Because the shadow is only 70 miles wide, you can see daylight at the edges even while you stand in the dark core. This distant scattered light produces a slight reddish glow and unusual shadow effects. Many birds stop singing, daytime flower blossoms begin to close as if for the night, and bees return to their hives.

I hope that all those who go to see it feel that disconnect from the Sun/God and link it to want to attain higher vibrations… that alone looking up is frightful; but in unity is far more reaching in understanding.

To think Jesus was crucified on a total eclipse how intense and truthful.

Did you know the movie Barabbas was filmed during a total eclipse at that precise timing to get the intention of that time of Jesus death? I remember seeing that movie but I don’t remember when or why I watched the behind the scenes to know that fact, but sometimes we are placed before images meant to teach us or guide us.

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