You Can’t Fail!

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My Day timer reminds me of this day back in 2014:

I remember this dream vividly and the miracles that immediately manifested surrounding it. 

These were tying times for me. Living off very planned (not nutritious) meals and holding my breath each time the rent was due, or the lights stayed on more than an hour, or each trip to the grocery store.  I mean I was slicing pennies and praying the kids would survive with me. Life was difficult but also I was finally beginning to come into my strengths (braver) and love for what I did have. Humility was very close to my heart and without these hard lessons I wouldn’t love who I’ve became, and especially wouldn’t have amazing family and friends (my loving understanding children) to admire in their generosity, making me want to emanate their light by their example. 
The Dream:
I’m in a penthouse in what appears to be WA state spliced with NYC. I see my family and my daughter and her friends hanging out and I lament about how I wish I could show them a good time in the city. My soul I could hear in thoughts as I dream lucidly and it was irritated by my attitude of pity rather than “but they’re here having fun.” 

I go outside to set the table on the open patio overlooking an amazing view of the city and as I look over I see a basin of water churning like a ocean in a middle of a hurricane, but the size of a large pond. I’m mesmerized because of it’s dark green and blue’s swirling fiercely as if it’s got it’s own force and I notice my two crystals I apparently had in my pocket start to fall towards this vortex of water. I can see one is a regular clear quartz the other matches the water (green/blue) it will soon land in.

Again, I despair in what I no longer have and my soul again speaks “really how much have you really lost it’s just two stones.” I get to understanding what my soul is saying to me in “wake up you’re in a penthouse (security) with family who love you! “Geez, quit your whining!”

As I turn away, for some reason I trip over the edge of the building as my family looks on in horror. As I’m tripping I grab a patio chair but it goes over too and I catch my grip on the dark black stone similar to obsidian. I’m wondering why the chair hasn’t pulled my gravity down with it and I look over to my arm holding it . . .it’s floating in mid air! In fact, I’m floating in mid air! I look up at my sister who is stunned and in shock, and I tell her “Take my hand (motioning the hand holding the chair as I lift it towards her) God is trying to save me.”

The dream goes on a bit more of showing me that my x is starting to build his own happiness and my children are happy and me . . .happy to be given another day!

It’s a fricken miracle to where I am now, shoot where we all are now compared to back then. I’m not slicing pennies, just watching them now as I trusted the universe gradually to fully after that lesson in ‘you can’t fail.’ 

It gets even better because after this dream . .. my son comes in after spending the weekend with his Dad in big bear to stand at my desk trying to vie for my attention in a busy school office. “Mom, Mom, look I found this for you!” he is excited and I’m distracted with my job duties and take his token on love & place it on my desk kiss him on his head and whisk him off as he’s going to be tardy. “Thanks Honey!” I jump into work and don’t really take in what he gave me, until hours later maybe even a day I can’t remember only that when I do look at it I’m taken aback . . .it’s the same green crystal that fell in to the churning life force of Gaia.

As you can see last year it brought another day of miracles and it has ever since; when you know you can’t fail- you don’t anymore!


The original Instagram wording:
I’m grateful for this way of communicating to let out things I perceive; knowing you all can take it or leave it (I recently made my IG private due to co workers and people I care for but don’t want to be restrictive to their understandings of their perception when viewing mine). So here’s a powerful (to me) tale of truth: 1/18 I had a dream of being in a glass penthouse. I saw a dark green/blue pool churning in waves far below. Two crystal fell off of me into this pool one a white crystal the other dark green shown here I believe is Moss agate. I fell over myself but caught a chair on one hand & a building crevice with the other. I realized I was floating not bound by gravity to fall several stories high. I called out to my sister and said “grab my hand God is trying to save me.” I was fine.1/21/14 my son insists I take this rock (he was late to class and wouldn’t leave until he placed it in my hand) and I was so busy I kissed him and placed it on my desk. Today I picked it up and it dawns on me …this is the crystal! When God chats you get more than insight you get proof you are loved and cared for. What does it mean? This agate is considered the most powerful in attracting abundance and success in endeavors it represents the earth and birthing. Lets see what chapter is next, it seems I am to take a leap of faith/fate. UPDATE!!!! 1/22/15 same date today I tell my friend about it, she tells me about her dream of singing & needing a voice coach. I tell her the name of a common friend she walks out and a huge spider is hanging (creativity, Divine design) in line of sight(in which she is usually fearful of but not today). I walk to my desk a message from that very voice coach asking if she can hold classes at my work…why yes you can and I have a student too! God is listening and gives you tools to design your dreams; you can’t fail!
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