Cancer California

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California once known for its gold; will be known for Thyroid Cancer and a lost city once known as San Diego.

Am I being dramatic? Am I over exaggerating? OR could we be on the brink of saving a whole lot of damage and lives? It’s not like we haven’t seen this devastation to call it delusional fear IT ALREADY HAPPENED in Fukushima.

I am a mother, protector, and I work with children, they all become my own and when I own that I FEAR NOTHING of giant corporations BUT my conscious choices in letting others fix it when I can share and you can too and pull balance and justice into the hands of humanity, not MONEY.

Yesterday with a head cold I got up and attended an Emergency meeting on San Onofre Nuclear waste dump scheduled this February 2018. My headache grew worse when I learned that Edison was given permission to bury on Federal land, in which the Navy rejected letter from Navy to California Coastal Commission  

I learned that once Edison buries this on this privately owned site only the state is responsible and since our Gov. Brown approved this venture he could not call on FEMA, or US Government for an emergency response, in fact not even EDISON will be responsible any longer because they met the end of their deal they got rid of it an no longer need to monitor or safe guard the canisters for leaks or even terrorist- I mean you can reach it by boat 108 feet away from the shoreline like you’d expect a hotel to be located.


What can WE DO (YEAH YOU)!

  • PROTEST! Gather the NO Drilling, Women’s March, Men’s March, Water protectors Everyone who can save the ocean and many lives/inhabitants/agriculture and gather the light to shine on these behind closed doors deals to be exposed. I wish paparazzi would do this kind of work!
  • Call your Representatives and tell them to find a safer zone facility. You don’t have to be in CA to be concerned fight for your FOOD and sea contamination! For California residents contact
  • get involved in the lawsuit with give them a donation, find sponsors!
  • We need exposure to stop this; not exposure to cancer.
  • READ more and ask your local paper to research and report:
  • EVEN San Onfore state park police on camera say it’s a terrorist threat WTF!
  • Pray for a miracle and thank those who risk their lives to expose this happening and those who can move this waste to a safer environment under real supervision and patrol guards.
  • COPY and POST from this page use your own research and words

I can’t stop hearing the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Californication” song play as soon as I made this blog title!




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